Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What Did You Teach Your Child Today?

Do you remember getting off the bus as a child, coming home to your mom and getting asked, "So what did you learn today?"  I do and typically, I would give some answer that explained what we went over in class.  Well my kids do pretty much the same with their dad.  He comes home from work and will ask them, "So what did you guys do today, what did you learn?" At this moment my ears perk up and I tune in hoping to hear my kids tell their dad all about the educationally stimulating day I planned out for them.  More often than not my kids will talk about a craft they did, a lap book perhaps, and sometimes to my horror my oldest will say I don't remember.

On those days, and especially the days we don't really get anything accomplished I like to remind myself my kids are learning, even when we are not strictly adhering to their curriculum.  So for you moms that might be down on yourself about what your child is learning think about the following:
1. Your child learned patience when you waited in the shopping lane while the customer in front of you had a million price checks and you did not once complain.
2. Your children learned perseverance when you didn't quit after trying to fix the their toy with a butter knife as a screw driver, because you couldn't find dad's tools.
3. The kids learned resiliency when you made two dinners after burning the first one.
4. Your kids learned to be charitable when you didn't snap at the cashier asking if you would like to donate a dollar to some cause.
5. Your children learned to have a good work ethic when you cheered them on as they helped you clean the garage.

I could go on and on.  The fact is that we are constantly teaching our children.  In fact, I would say the lessons that will take them furthest in life often will not come in the pages of a well thought out curriculum.  They will be embedded in their character as they see you respond to situations in your daily life.

Happy Homeschooling ...