Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Inspiring Tuesdays - Quotes that Challenge us to Live Better - Howard Hendricks

Have you ever fell into the trap of feeling like you have to be everything and do everything for anything to get done right.  I know I have and you know what the result is?  One tired, burned out, cranky, unhappy Mama.  Back in November of last year Bishop Birt from Redemption Outreach Ministries in Prince George, VA gave a sermon at our church.  Something I really took away was a quote he shared from Howard Hendricks:

"The secret of concentration is elimination"

Since then I realized this quote has been used in management books, countless blogs, and commentaries.  I believe it resonates with people because it screams truth.   We must find those things God has called us to do in our present season of life, concentrate on those things, and eliminate distractions.

What is God calling you to right now?  Is your life so full of noise that it's hard to hear God speaking?  Challenge yourself today to eliminate those areas of your life that are preventing you from being what God is calling you to be.  It's been said a million times but it is so very true - Less IS More.


  1. I think I agree! when we simplify life seems a lot easier!!

  2. Perfect! We do need to eliminate the noise in our lives because that is exactly what interferes with our concentration. No wonder we feel like we are AD/HD - there is far too much going on!



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