Sunday, April 15, 2012

Yummy Spinach Breakfast Smoothies

OK I know it may sound yucky but thanks to my very good friend Patricia my family and I are trying to eat healthier.   You see Patricia is taking this nutrition class and I am reaping the benefits of getting all of this healthy insider information for free.   Recently, I discussed with her how it is almost impossible to get my middle daughter to eat vegetables.  It has really been a challenge up until recently.  Patricia simply said why don't you try putting it in a smoothie.  So lo and behold I introduce to you the perfect make-your-4-year-old-eat-veggies breakfast smoothie:

Half a blender full of spinach leaves
2 tablespoons of milled flax seed
1 banana
2 handfuls of blueberries
1/2 can of pineapples with juice or 1/2 pack of strawberries
Some crushed ice
Keifer yogurt (this is optional but I use it for protein)
Some Agave Nectar or Honey

The kids love it and ask for it every morning.  Thanks so much Patricia!

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