Friday, July 6, 2012

Picking Strawberries at Adam's Acres - Strawberry Jam Fun

One of my favorite things about spring and early summer is that we get to go and pick strawberries.  My oldest daughter was 3 when we first started picking strawberries and it is really a family tradition we look forward to.   In a world full of television, video games, and all sorts of things grabbing our kids attention and affections its so important to realize that what they will really appreciate and remember as they get older are the fun things you do together like going to the farm each year.

This was our first  year making strawberry jam and it turned out great!  Coupled with our homemade biscuits we have managed to already eat at least 3 jars of jam.  Below is a link to the recipe I used to make my jam.  I did not add any pectin just stirred and stirred until I felt it was thick enough.

Brother and Sister Smashing Strawberries for Jam

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