Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Keeping Your Mind Set to Homeschool

We all have our reasons for homeschooling.  It is so important to keep those reasons before us at all times.  At this point in the year most of us have pretty much got into what we hope to be some sort of homeschool routine.  Whatever that is for you.  For some your routine is to wake up in the morning and see what the children are interested in and just do it.  Many others have set routines and schedules that you follow.  While some of you participate in coops or other structured learning environments.  However you choose to homeschool it is important to keep your mind set on doing it. 

The challenge often comes after the excitement begins to fade.  You have taken the plastic off of all your new books, you have organized your homeschool space, you may have even spent hours creating the perfect homeschool schedule.  Now the kids are starting to complain a little and if you are truthful you are finding yourself doubting your abilities more than reveling in the excitement of teaching your children.  This is the point where you have to stop in your tracks and set your mind and keep it set that you will homeschool.  Despite your feelings, exhaustion, messy houses, being misunderstood by family and friends, homeschooling is the life that you know God has destined for your family.

Fridays at Homeschool Park Get Together

Galatians 6:9 says, "Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up."  When you are feeling tired, inadequate, frustrated, or just plain emotional this is not the time to give up.  Press through.  Take a week off if you need to.  Love on your kids and your husband.  Play with your children.  Then go and keep your mind set on homeschooling your kids.  Look to Christ to give you strength and trust that he will honor your decision to make him the center of your child's education and total upbringing. 

God Bless and stay encouraged in his ability to keep you.  Remember you are tailor made to raise and educate your children.  Keep your eyes set on him and the rewards of teaching your children to live lives pleasing to God.  He will honor you and give you what you need.

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  1. So true! THanks for the encouragement!


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