Monday, October 29, 2012

Your Mind and Your Homeschool - What Are You Focused On?

Several days ago my friend spoke to me about her frustrations and doubts concerning homeschooling her children.  Her task is certainly daunting.  With a large family to take care of saying that her decision to homeschool is a true commitment is an understatement.  However, in spite of her doubts she said that the Lord clearly stated "teach them about me."  This is what she has been holding on to and since then I am also finding strength in this simple but profound statement.

The statement has constantly challenged me to evaluate my focus.  I am convinced that nothing else matters more.  This world is so very fickle and while our child's academics are truly essential their relationship and knowledge of the Lord is invaluable.  I am certain that nothing else will sustain them more in this life's journey.  Our focus must be centered around seeking his will for our family's lives and in that he will equip us to train and teach our children.  Our eyes have to daily be on him.  We must constantly ask for the strength and wisdom to manage our homes and give our children what they need.  We get distracted when we compare ourselves and children to others.   Our focus must remain on him.

Be Blessed ...

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