Friday, October 12, 2012

Our Homeschool Curriculum Choice for 2012 - 2013

Last year I really enjoyed putting together what I would use to homeschool.  I considered myself an eclectic homeschooler and pretty much pieced together what I felt was the best of all styles for my child.  We used "First Language Lessons of A Well-Trained Mind" for Grammar, Singapore Math, Apologia Science, it really was a hodgepodge of materials and my daughter did very well.

However, this year has brought additional responsibilities and I knew I would not have the time or energy to spend putting her curriculum together.  At our statewide homeschool conference this past June I prayed to God for help.  I vowed not to go to any of the publishers interest meetings because I didn't want to be sold a curriculum.  Of course everyone would say theirs is the best.  However, I truly prayed and asked God to lead me.  I already pretty much thought I would go with one particular curriculum and had even purchased some of the materials during the used curriculum sale but then God stopped me in my tracks and I felt an urge to go to the My Father's World interest session.

homeschool curriculum program developed by My Fathers World

The funny thing was that My Father's World was not even on my list.  I didn't even visit their booth in the exhibit hall the night before.  I truly think it was a God thing.  After listening to the speaker talk about her experiences with the curriculum I was sold.  Below are a couple of reasons why I chose to use MFW:
  1. All the planning is done for you.  This is a HUGE time saver!  I feel less stressed about making sure they are getting what they need.
  2. They already used Singapore Math.  I absolutely love Singapore Math.  I have a math background and I think it is one of the best programs I have seen out there.  Perhaps I will have another post as to why I feel this way.  But trust me if your child is successful using Singapore math they will be able to truly understand mathematical concepts and be able to critically think and apply what they learned in real world applications.
  3. God is at the center of the curriculum and of the actual organization.  It's not just a secular curriculum that put God in it is a true Christian based curriculum with Christ at the center of every subject.
  4. It is hands on and fun.  There are not just a bunch of boring worksheets and drills.  You do fun experiments, nature walks, have lively discussions, it is really a total package.
  5. It was developed by a homeschool family.  Enough said right there.
  6. It uses true living books.  It basically combines the Charlotte Mason style with a classical approach.   
This year we have dived into the Kindergarten Package for my middle daughter and Exploring Countries and Cultures for my oldest.  It captures their interest and mine as well.  It is not boring to teach at all and I am learning so much along with my daughter.  I continue to use First Language Lessons along with their suggested Primary Language Lessons for Grammer.  Also, from time to time we still incorporate our own thing into the days lesson but altogether it has been a great fit for our family.

God Bless...

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